Our Mission Statement:

To establish a Bible based, religious education school for Van Wert Elementary School children so that they might know who God is, learn to love God, learn to trust God, and learn to serve God. 



Our Vision Statement:

Recognizing the important place religion has in school curriculum, we strive to:

  • Create a better learning environment in school classrooms by emphasizing a moral value system and improving students’ sense of worth.

 • Develop better citizens as we produce a base of American’s future leaders who look to Jesus Christ for guidance.

 • Provide Bible education to the children to impact their families as the children spread the Good News to those they love.

 • Encourage children to become involved in a church and establish a lifelong desire to worship God and serve Him.

 All for the Glory of God and to expand His kingdom.





Our Statement of Faith:

OF THE SCRIPTURES: We believe that the Holy Bible in its sixty-six Books is the fully completed word and revelation of God. The original autographs were penned by men inspired by the Holy Spirit, and were without error. God has marvelously preserved His Word so that mankind may with confidence study the Scriptures and rely upon them as our only sufficient rule of faith and practice. II Tim. 3:16,17; II Peter 1:20,21; Heb. 4:12; Ps. 1:1-3; 119:1-176; Joshua 1:8

OF THE TRUE GOD: We believe that there is one true and living God, an infinite, eternal, self-existent, holy, perfect Spirit whose name is Jehovah. He exists as a tri-unity: one Godhead, revealed in Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, each equal in essence and every divine attribute. Gen. 1:1-3; Ex. 3:14; 6:4,5; Psalm 2; 83:18; Isa. 6:1-5; 57:15; Jere. 10:10; Matt. 3:16,17; 28:18-20; John 1:1-3; 4:24; 5:18; 17:5; Phil. 2:5,6; Col. 1:12-19

OF JESUS CHRIST: We believe that Jesus Christ is God Incarnate. He existed from all eternity, co-equal with the Father and Spirit. At His virgin birth and incarnation, He was one Person wholly possessing two distinct natures, both divine and human. He came into this world to reveal the Father, and to redeem fallen humanity by His atoning death (His death enables any person to receive forgiveness of their sins and peace with God) and shedding of His blood. Gen. 3:15; Isa. 7:14; 9:6,7; Matt. 1:22,23; 20:28; Luke 1:26-35; John 1:1-3, 14-17; 3:14-18

OF THE HOLY SPIRIT: We believe that the Holy Spirit is the third Person of the triune God, equal with the Father and Son, and of the same substance and nature. He is the author of Scripture, bears witness to the truth, is the agent of the new birth, and seals, empowers, guides, witnesses to, and sanctifies the believer (separates the believer unto God Himself). Gen. 1:2; Luke 1:35; John 14:17,26; 16:8,9,17; 17:17; Acts 1:8; 5:3,4; I Cor. 12:4-11; II Cor. 1:22; Gal. 5:22,23; Eph. 1:13,14; 4:30; 5:18-21; Heb. 9:14

OF SATAN OR THE DEVIL: We believe that Satan is a fallen angelic being. He was created as the Angel Lucifer, who led the worship at the very Throne of God. Through pride he rebelled against God, and led a full third of the angelic host to rebel with him. As the author of sin, today he functions with God's sovereign permission as the unholy god of this age, the prince of power of the air, and the prince of this world, seeking to deceive the lost, and to harass the believer in Jesus Christ. He was defeated through the death, burial, and resurrection of Christ so that his destiny is eternal judgment in the Lake of Fire. Gen. 3:1-15; Job 1:6-2:7; Isa. 14:12-15; Eze. 28:14-17; Matt. 13:25; 25:41; Mark 13:21,22; II Cor. 4:4; 11:13-15; Rev. 12:9; 13:13,14; 19:11,16,20; 20:1-3

OF CREATION: We believe in and teach the Genesis account of the special Creation of all things, and that it is to be accepted literally. The six days of Creation were solar days, (24 hour days); all physical creation was with the appearance of age, and was brought into existence by God's spoken Word. Genesis chapters 1,2; Ex. 20:11; Ps. 8:3-9; 19:1-6; 24:1,2; 33:6-9; 95:4,5; 102:25; Job 26:7; 38:1-11; John 1:1-3; Col. 1:16,17; Rev. 4:11

OF THE FALL OF MAN: We believe that mankind was created perfectly in the image and likeness of God, without sin. At the deception by Satan in Eden, Adam and Eve disobeyed God, losing their innocence, bringing a curse upon all mankind. Every person therefore enters into life under God's just condemnation and deserving of His wrath. Gen. 1:27,31; Eccl. 7:29; Ps. 9:17; 14:1-3; 53:1-3; Isa. 53:6; Rom. 1:18; 3:9-18; 5:12; John 3:6,18; I Cor. 15:22; Gal. 3:10,22; Eph. 2:1,5; James 2:10

OF THE WAY OF SALVATION: We believe that the salvation of fallen man is wholly by grace through faith and trust in the death, burial, and resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ and the cleansing power of His divine blood, shed for every human being. Gen. 15:6; Isa. 53:4,5; John 3:15-18; Acts 4:12; 16:31; Rom. 4:4-8; 5:8; 10:9-13; I Cor. 15:1-4; Eph. 2:8,9; Titus 3:5-7; I Peter 1:18-21; I John 1:7-9; 5:11-13

OF THE RESURRECTION, ASCENSION, & RETURN OF CHRIST: We believe that Jesus Christ arose bodily from the grave, ascended to the right hand of His Heavenly Father, and awaits His Father's command to catch away His Bride from the earth when She is complete. Seven years later He will return to the earth with Her in all His glory to establish His Millennial Kingdom. Isa. 9:6,7; 11:1-5; Matt. 28:5-7; Luke 1:32; John 14:3; 20:27; Acts 1:9-11; I Cor. 15:1-4, 42-44, 51-53; Phil. 3:20,21; I Thess. 4:13-18; 5:11; James 5:8; Rev. 19:11-16; 20:1-5, 11-15; Chapters 21,22